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About me

Janograf Wedding Photography
A few words about me

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jan.
A Long long time ago, in the year 1986 I was born in a small city located in Germany, called Ulm. This lovely place is still my base during the warm and sunny months from May to November. The rest of the year I was used to drift through Asia in order to relax. I’ve been meeting many interesting people, enjoyed the big variety of delicious food and of course – captured goosebump moments I have experienced with my camera.

World wide wedding photography 
New base in Singapore

Since I have been traveling quite a lot, I got the very fortunate position to check out which place on this earth is the most suitable for me to make my winter sleep. Thats when I decided to move to Singapore annually for the period from November to May. It gives me the opportunity to offer my service as a wedding photographer for Singapore and whole Asia.

If you wonder why Singapore and why not going to another country every now and then, I will tell you:
One of my good kept secrets is that I really do not get along with the cold. That’s one of the reasons why I get my stuff together as soon as the leaves felt down in Germany to travel the world.
I’m glad I have chosen the profession of a wedding photographer, cause in the winter times there aren’t that much weddings in Europe which gives me this wonderful possibility to escape from the winter. The downside for this lifestyle: I have to leave my family and friends, which is quite a pity for me. Even though I get to know a lot of people. Mostly they are on holiday and leave pretty soon again – most of those goodbyes are forever.

And so I made the decision to stop traveling and get another home away from home in Singapore. This way I will have it warm in the winters but still have my new friends around.

The people are wonderful, the food is yummy and life is easy.

My way of working as a wedding photographer 
Creating memories

It’s more than visualizing of an occasion. It is important for me to capture the pure emotions of the bridal couple and the wedding guests, to emphasize the special moments. During the wedding day I’m constantly trying to be invisible. My cameras are silent, in order to preserve the intimacy of all times. Even when shooting portraits, I mainly stay on a certain distance to keep the authenticity of the moment. To complete the masterpiece, I integrate the details of architecture and the surrounding, giving the photos a defined and individual character. Connecting the atmosphere with the happenings is important to get the feeling of being back in the middle of this beautiful day, just by watching the photos.