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Wedding Photos abroad

As you may have already read on my landing page or → That’s me … I love to explore the vastness of the world – professonally and privately.
No matter if you are from Germany, Italy, or Asia and where you are going to celebrate your big day. I would love to shoot your wedding photos at the location of your choice.

Due to its proximity to Ulm, weddings in Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy are often in my diary. Even in the Seychelles (Africa) and on the other side of the world as in the Philippines, I had the privilege of capturing gorgeous weddings with my camera.

Wedding photos abroad
How to do it?

Easy! Wherever you are planning your wedding, I will come by my car, train or plan to your chosen destination. You do not have to worry about anything. Necessary tickets, accommodation etc. I will book myself if you like.

Call or text me and tell me about your wishes, I will clarify and explain everything else. If you live further away, we can also skype in advance.

By the way: Since I love travelling, I usually extend my stay at the weddings abroad in order to explore the place by hiking, relaxing or simply strolling. All landscape photos I have taken while that, you will get free on top!

Weddings photos in Singapore, Bali and Co

Since not many people want to marry on a rainy day at 4 degrees, weddings in Europe usually take place during the dry months from May to October.
In order to offer sunny and warm wedding shooting during the cold and wet months, I am currently setting up a second studio in Singapore. So if you are heading to Sri Lanka, Thailand, Borneo or wherever to shoot your wedding photos … I would love to be your wedding photographer in Asia as well!

In my wedding photo gallery you can currently find albums of shootings in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, South of France, and on the Seychelles in Afrika.

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