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Wedding photography does not equal wedding photography
The right photographer for your wedding

Most people only marry once in a lifetime. Of course, this wonderful and important day should be recorded by a professional wedding photographer. And you’re spoiled for choice: how do we find the right photographer for our wedding? Maybe I can help you with your decision on “the right wedding photographer” a bit, without making promotion for myself.

Of course, you should first of all take a look at the photos of already photographed weddings.
Every bet: You will quickly get a sense if you could imagine such photos for your wedding or not. Would the results also meet your wishes? Do the photos show a variety of cool locations? Or was simply the nearest park visited in order to take the usual, stilted-looking photos? In my experience, even well known photographers sometimes manage to produce relatively ordinary and loveless wedding photos – And you certainly do not want that!

On a nice day on the banks of the Danube, I summarized for you what is important for the choice of the photographer besides the quality of his photos:

Number of wedding photos – the first

Are there enough photos in the quotation? Are ALL in full resolution, elaborately edited and digital? Some photographers only release a handful. For more photos you may pay extra – either for the publication or for the picture editing.

So do not get blinded by a low price in the beginning, and pay even more on the end. Honest photographer show you the final price and all you need. But how many photos do you really need? – Let’s get to point two:

Number of wedding photos – the second

If, for example, a photographer offers you 1,000 photos or even more for an eight hour wedding reportage, the photos are probably only roughly retouched or not edited at all. A good photographer approaches each and every one with a great deal of perfectionism and does not stop editing before everything is in balance (contrast, brightness, temperature, tone, etc)

I need an average of 15 hours for a wedding reportage with 400 photos. Class instead of mass is the keyword here! And to come back to the question from point one: Yes, the mentioned 400 photos are more than enough.

Eyes open at the photo studio!

If you book your photographer in a big photo studio, you should … keep your eyes open on all photos. Joking aside: Pay particular attention to who is actually making the pictures! Sometimes the experienced boss is only present at the wedding ceremony and portraits. All other pictures are often photographed by less experienced employees or even apprentices. That certainly does not apply to every studio. But it is better to ask before, and to mention the names in the contract who photographes for how long. – Or even better, book the wedding photographer of your choice! Which brings us to the next point …

There is no substitute for experience
Except even more experience

It’s generally a good idea to choose a photographer who is really into wedding photography. I know very good landscape and fashion photographers who additionally also take awful wedding pictures.
If I was put in a studio for fashion photography – the result would probably not be very exciting as well. A good athlete usually masters only one sport really perfectly. The same applies to the different “sports” of photography.

Last but not least

… the chemistry should be right between you and your photographer. If that is the case, you can simply find out by calling or even better meeting the photographer personally. If it does not fit, you will see it on the wedding photos:

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