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Iceland - Part 1

Roadtrip through Iceland – Part 1

What do wedding photographers do, if they have some days off? Exactly! They fly to Iceland and live in a car trunk. Sure, there are also camper vans, but they are twice as expensive as a regular cars. Well, they might offer more space…and with space comes usually order. Taking showers and cooking properly is impossible inside the camper anyway. Speaking of showers: Its a kind of weird feeling, standing naked outside, in the middle of nowhere. I have used some old water bottles for it, refilled them with cold and fresh water from the rivers and put them in the sun for a while to warm up. The soap was organic off course, its available in outdoor stores.
On every evening I have started a little barbecue, that I got for a few bugs in a hardware store. Vegetables and lamb, seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil and it was good to go!
Oh, speaking of comfort: I was to stingy to by a proper pillow, since I was not able to find a cheap one. So I just invested in a pillowcase and filled it with moss that I have dried before in the sun. Certainly not the very best idea I ever had…