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North Thailand

North Thailand
Ayutthaya, Doi Inthanon and Bangkok

„All germans go to Koh Samui and Phuket“ …I thought during my last trip through Thailand. So I decided to stay for two weeks in Bangkok in order to enjoy the worlds most delicious street food, making new friends, and being just lazy by watching a movie on the couch.

Satisfied and rested, I took a train and headed north with a short stop in Ayutthaya. The City was abandoned in the year 1767 and reminds a bit on Angkor Wat in Cambodia. A good way to explore the mystic place and the ruins, is by renting a bike in the city.

Arrived in Chiang Mai, I took a scooter and travelled directly further to Doi Inthanon national park, in order to avoid the tourist crowds. The Doi Inthanon mountain provides a magnificent view at an altitude of 2565 m above sea level over the mountain ranges and jungles of Thailand. While it was hot and humid during the journey down in the valley, the thermometer continued to fall with every passed meter. At the summit it showed only 14°C – What a refreshing experience with the blowing wind on the scooter, shorts and flip flops.
Instead of tropical palms and bananas, ferns and deciduous trees decorate the landscape here. Even coniferous forests are not uncommon at these altitudes. Almost a small piece of home, in the middle of Thailand …