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Wedding photographer on the Seychelles
Wedding Photos in paradise

One of the most beautiful things I have experienced in my live, was the honor of working as a wedding photographer on the Seychelles. I will never forget the time I have spent together with the wedding guests the days after. Throughout lovely and warm hearted people.
The Seychelles offer unique Wildlife, white beaches and a remarkable pleasant atmosphere. If you are a “normal” person like me, things like that you usually just see in magazines or advertisements for yummy candies like Raffaello. You can imagine how proud I have been. Being a wedding photographer on the Seychelles, taking wedding photos of a lovely and pretty couple.

How I became a Wedding Photographer on the Seychelles

At the age of 23, the first time when I travelled around the world by myself, I met the humorous and sociable Spaniard Gabriel in a small Philippine town called Puerto Princesa. We drank a lot of beer, dined incredibly disgusting Tamilok woodworms, and spent a lot of time on the beach with a few local friends. At that time, I did not suspect what the future would bring for us. In any case, I was very pleased and a little surprised when Gabriel got in touch with me again many years later, telling me about his pretty fiancé Kessie from the Caribbean. He also mentioned his wedding, which will take place on the Seychelles. And guess what – He wanted me to be his wedding photographer on the Seychelles.

Wedding on the Seychelles
Getting ready on La Digue

Most couples do not fly to the Seychelles for a wedding, but to spend their honeymoon.
However, Gabriel and Kessie combined their wedding with honeymoon in the Seychelles. With the family, closest friends and colleagues from all over the world a few days together in paradise. Is there anything better?


in order to have a great time with their loved ones and colleagues – cabin crew from all over the world.
At the luxury hotel Domaine de L’Orangeraie on the beautiful island called La Digue, we started the day with hairdressing and make-up.
While the wedding photographer (me) was using his bike with a flat rear tire, Kessie and her friends took a ride on a colorful carriage, pulled by a strong bull to reach the famous beach Source d’Argent. This dream beach comes with white sand, crystal clear water, and huge granite rocks. Not the worst place to get married, but thats just my opinion.
After the ceremony, it was time for a big Party. We celebrated the wedding in L’ocean, a nice hotel in the north of La Digue.

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Wedding Photographer on the Seychelles

Maybe I have convinced you with these wedding photos, to celebrate your wedding on the Seychelles as well. If you still need a travel-loving wedding photographer who has fallen in love with the beauty of the islands and serenity of the locals, then you should knock on my door. Even if I’m struggling with big fear of flying, I would love to sit on the plain for many hours. Just to accompany you as a wedding photographer on the Seychelles. During my stay on the Seychelles, I have taken some gorgeous shots from La Digue and the main island Mahe. Check out those landscape fotos of the seychelles on my blog