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… This one day, when you can’t be emotionally closer to your beloved. From my experience as a wedding photographer I can tell you: This day will be so full of emotions, unforgettable impressions and moments, as you have never experienced before. It will be filled with unbelievably beautiful moments that will never happen again.

Shouldn’t we capture each and every one of these moments together?
For now – For later – For you – Forever.

Your complete wedding story – I’ll do it with you! My Name is Jan by the way, and if you like, I’m your wedding photographer.

How to get gorgeous wedding photos? Easy! Just be happy together!
You will not notice me at your wedding. The whole wedding day, I will be invisible in order to preserve the authenticity and intimacy of every single moment. It’s the best and also the only way in my opinion, to create completely natural, emotional and authentic wedding photos.
For life

What else should you do?

  Oh, if possible → contact me before your wedding.
However, you may want to take a look at some of my wedding photos that I have been shooting as a wedding photographer for (hopefully still) happily married couples 🙂

The gallery of my wedding photography

For your inspiration, check out my work as a wedding photographer in Europe, Asia and Afrika.
As you will see, there are not only a lot of wedding photos in the gallery, but also many locations where I had the honor to photograph weddings in.

At this point, a very special THANK YOU again to all wedding couples, which I was allowed to accompany on their most beautiful day as a wedding photographer! – I hope I made your day, you made mine.

So, enough said. Click into the wedding gallery!
After all, a picture is worth a thousand… well, you know that yourself.

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Wedding Photos abroad?
Count me in!

Born and raised in Germany (Ulm), I have been active as a wedding photographer in Germany (okay: quite logically), Philippines, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and even in the Seychelles, beautiful islands in Africa.

That’s because I want to get to know the whole world and travel to all their known and hidden corners. Of course, to take photos there as well.

So no matter where you’re from … Ulm, Munich, Singapore, Tokyo or somewhere around or in between. And no matter which location you choose for your wedding photos … whether on the beach, in the mountains or in the middle of the city:

I accompany you unobtrusively …
… If you want to the Seychelles or the end of the world!

→ More about your wedding photos abroad…

Jan Sobott
Wedding photographer and world explorer

I am a proud full time wedding photographer. Not just because I want to call something “my job” – The term „vocation“ fits much better. Capturing the emotions of people that are just enjoying pure happiness – without being noticed so that I can capture real moments … that’s my passion. The same applies to the photography on my travels, which represent my private passion. To experience and capture the strangest, most fascinating and emotional moments with the camera – That’s my life!

→ More informations about me and my work


You want more?

You get more! Take a look at my services. Here I will tell you in great detail everything, how to be able to experience your wedding over and over again. From wedding albums to the photo booth to invitation and acknowledgement card
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Or check out my blog and immerse in my life, my work and interesting stories
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Or you just get in touch with me and question all the things you might want to know:

mobile: +49 (0) 174 247 8228
mail: info@janograf.de

Hope to see you soon at your wedding!
your Janograf

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