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Batanes in the Philippines

Batanes: A unique place in the Philippines

The Province of Batanes is a small island province in the very north of the Philippines, located between Taiwan and Luzon.

A few years ago, these small islands were known as one of the most Typhoon affected places on earth. Being aware of that didn’t make it easier for me to enter the small propeller plane. While we descended, a bad storm approached, the sky became darker and some passengers even vomited. The pilot cancelled the touchdown and went around to wait for clearer weather. The second try went better – while some passengers in the back cheered after we finally touched down, I noticed a tear of joy on my right cheek. To be honest, I never expected a safe arrival, but it was certainly worth it!

Crime in Batanes

Crime doesn’t exist at all in Batanes. There is a store called „honesty coffee shop“. To pay, simply throw the money in a basket. No need for the owner to be present the whole day because nobody would ever steal anything. Why can’t everybody be as honest in this world as they do? Soooo sad…

Weather in Batanes

Weather may change hourly, but average of the year is 26 degrees. The best time to go there is March or April, when the temperature rises and the rain gets less. If you want to experience hard winds or even Typhoons, you should go there in August. Most houses are pretty solidly constructed and consisting of stones. The last years Typhoons often took another way though, more south in the Philippines to hit the Visaya Region.

Tourists in Batanes

Tourists are really seldom. It depends what you are searching for, but I prefer spending my holidays on silent and empty places with incredible nature, instead of getting drunk with commercial party music on overcrowded beaches. If you are searching for the second, you should not go there.

If you really want to be alone, you can rent a bike, scooter or tricycle to go wherever you want. In my opinion, the best way is to hire a tour guide to explore the island(s) and go to the most beautiful places he showed you the day(s) before by yourself.

If you have any questions or need more information, just leave a comment or send a message, I’ll reply soon!